Mandatory Public Disclosure | Affiliated to CBSE, Affiliation no. 2133733 | Admission Open for 2022-23

Message from Managing Director

Mr. AYUSH SINGHAL, functioning as the MANAGING DIRECTOR of  JMS WORLD SCHOOL has a dynamic personality with a calm composure, a warm presence and an ever ready helping hand. He is responsible yet lives by the philosophy of work life balance and is an exemplary combination of control, concentration and classed effort. He has acquired an Engineering degree from a reputed college, graduating with high accolades. His high scores and an expert handling of his own placement prospects bagged him several offers from reputed companies to join with them. He is responsible for the synchronization of various activities in the college, mainly spanning the admissions, training and placement of students, the administration of store and maintenance, and the management of hostel, mess, housekeeping, transport and the IT department. His duties that include origination of ideas, organization and coordination are carried out with a friendly nature along with a firm hand. He is an eager student who is ready to learn and do things along with being ready to initiate and implement activities that are beneficial to not just students but the faculty and staff too. He has at an early age acquired skills not just of the industry and adeptly handling varied people with different temperaments, but also in gaining skills in team management, leadership, project vision and inter-communicative skills required to efficiently perform tasks in the fields of Education and its management.

We wish all the students all round success and bright future.