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The academic program at the JMS World School  is designed to meet the needs of young children. Childhood is a period of rapid growth as children seek out the environment they need to nourish their developing mental abilities. It is during this time that children develop higher order thinking skills such as problem solving , critical thinking , creative thinking, societal thinking, reflecting thinking etc. Our Curriculum is planned and developed to create such experiences for children.

Pedagogy & Assessment

Asking the questions consider as the leading pedagogical approach in the classroom, It recognized as allowing students to be actively involved in their own learning and to take responsibility for that learning. Inquiry allows each student understands of the world to develop in a manner and at a rate that is unique to that student. It is recognized that there is a role for drill and practice in the classroom. Yet, it is felt that teaching to the fullest extent possible about central ideas, that are concept based, leads to the most substantial and enduring.

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